Not all sportsbooks are the same
2015-08-19 BY SaSa

The major football leagues in Europe including the English Premier League, German Bundesliga and Spanish La Liga are all kicking off again creating a lot of interest around the world. Punters spend a lot of money predicting the outcome of a game or first goal scorer, for example.

This global interest in football is big business with the sports betting industry worth as much as £625bn a year with more than two-thirds of this coming from trading on football. This figure is only set to rise as interest continues to grow in the sport thanks to the large number of live televised games and the increase in online gambling.

Gambling online and mobile gambling is a huge growth industry worth more than £2 billion a year in the UK. Instead of having to visit a high street bookies, gamblers can place bets via their smartphones or tablets from anywhere at any time.

However, nowadays there are also many more companies with which you can place your bets. The first thing to decide is which one is right for you and to make sure they are registered companies so you know your money is safe and secure.

Take a look around the main sportsbooks and brokers to see what they offer. Some may specialise in football while others may have horse-racing or tennis featuring heavily. Many will also show live sport streaming which may be an additional bonus when you decide which company is right for you. 

Some online betting companies are really hot on statistics which is a real advantage for serious punters who can use the data to make an informed bet.

You will also need to see how user-friendly their websites are and, most importantly, how easy it is to place bets and cash in your winnings.
The odds can also differ and some may offer a greater variety of bets such as the first red card or the number of corners in a game. You may also prefer Asian handicap betting to eliminate the draw in football rather than betting on win, draw or lose.

Professional gamblers or syndicates can also use the services of a sports brokerage company which acts as a middleman between the punter and the sportsbook. This makes things simpler for the bettor as you only deal with one company rather than make multiple bets with different sportsbooks. It’s also very useful when you want to place larger bets.

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